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How it works

Ticku is a free web application for teachers that lets you use your favorite teaching materials on your computer and smartphone.

Just turn excercises in paper and PDF into editable assignments for your students in less than 2 minutes.

The students can now practice anytime and anywhere. The only thing they need is a smartphone!

Our motto is: assigned, done, checked.

  • Use your proven teaching materials – just take a photo or make a scan!
  • Only few clicks - are enough to create an excercise or a test for your students
  • Send only 1 link for the whole class
  • All the responses in 1 application - you easily check who handed over an assignment and don't have to navigate across dozens of e-mails
  • You easily check and feedback assignments whenever and wherever you want
  • End with tones of paper and save trees – conduct all the excercises and tests online!

Ticku for a teacher

Work comfortably on a smartphone and computer!

In the next version – the points sum up automatically!

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„It's perfect. Priceless when it comes to creating the tests. I can't wait for the new features"

'The idea for this app is simply amazing - it takes into account that nowadays more students have access to a mobile phone than to a computer'

'I thinks this is a very good tool for the teachers that are not comfortable with modern technology just yet ;)'




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Practice and take the tests on a smartphone or a tablet!

  • No need of a printer or a computer - any mobile device is enough to practice!
  • The app is light – you don't have to remove other applications to release storage space
  • It is simple enough even for children around 9
  • All assignments, tests and results in 1 place – parents can easily follow the the child's progress

Students use only a class register number - we don't collect other student data

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Android devices

iPhone and iPad

Meet the Ticku Team


We are a group of friends whose everyday job is to create applications that make people's jobs and lives easier.

We were inspired to create Ticku by our loved ones - teachers and students struggling to use complex educational tools in the times of pandemics.

Ticku is mostly an after-hours project - but it would not be possible to complete the first version in 1 month and to develop it further without financial support from our business friend -

We hope you will love Ticku and we are waiting for your feedback, suggestions and support.

Marcin Budny, Dariusz Sęk, Natalia Pięta, Kuba Bergel, Rafał Kozłowski, Kamil Chlebuś

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